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December 30, 2012

How to transfer Large File using C# Socket

Now I will discuss about, how we can transfer a large file (file size in GB) using Microsoft dot net socket programming using C# (C sharp) language. This code has written in Visual Studio 2005 (dot net 2). Basic Knowledge To cover this article you need to read my few …


DATETIME in WHERE Clause Introductions I saw that a lot of developer makes some common mistake when they are working with DATETIME data type in T-SQL statement. In this article I am trying to gather some common tips and tricks related to DATETIME data type when used in WHERE clause …

Runtime vs memory usage

Runtime vs. memory usage pre { background-color:#444; white-space:pre-wrap; font-size:80%; padding:0px 6px; } Oftentimes, better runtime can result in higher memory usage. Here is an example to create some strings to test bulk inserts on Redis: $cmd = “”;$start = microtime(true);for ($i=0; $i