Solution of eight queens problem in Prolog

Solution of eight queens problem in Prolog

Eight queens problem is a constraint satisfaction problem. The task is to place eight queens in the 64 available squares in such a way that no queen attacks each other. So the problem can be formulated with variables x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,x6,x7,x8 and y1,y2,y3,y4,y5,y6, y7,y8; the xs represent the rows and ys the column. Now a solution for this problem is to assign values for x and for y such that the constraint is satisfied.

The problem can be formulated as
where (x1,y1) gives the position of the first queen and so on. So it can be clearly seen that the domains for xi and yi are
Dx = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}and Dy ={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8} respectively.
The constraints are

i. No two queens should be in the same row,
   i.e yi≠yj for i=1 to 8;j=1 to 8;i≠j
ii. No two queens should be in the same column,
  i.e xi≠xj for i=1 to 8;j=1 to 8;i≠j
iii. There should not be two queens placed on the same   diagonal line
  i.e (yi-yj) ≠ ±(xi-xj).

Now a solution to this problem is an instance of P wherein the above mentioned constraints are satisfied.

Source Code:




A=4, B=2, C=7, D=3, E=6, F=8, G=5, H=1
A=5, B=2, C=4, D=7, E=3, F=8, G=6, H=1
A=3, B=5, C=2, D=8, E=6, F=4, G=7, H=1
A=3, B=6, C=4, D=2, E=8, F=5, G=7, H=1
A=5, B=7, C=1, D=3, E=8, F=6, G=4, H=2
A=4, B=6, C=8, D=3, E=1, F=7, G=5, H=2
A=3, B=6, C=8, D=1, E=4, F=7, G=5, H=2
A=5, B=3, C=8, D=4, E=7, F=1, G=6, H=2
A=5, B=7, C=4, D=1, E=3, F=8, G=6, H=2
A=4, B=1, C=5, D=8, E=6, F=3, G=7, H=2
A=3, B=6, C=4, D=1, E=8, F=5, G=7, H=2
A=4, B=7, C=5, D=3, E=1, F=6, G=8, H=2
A=6, B=4, C=2, D=8, E=5, F=7, G=1, H=3
A=6, B=4, C=7, D=1, E=8, F=2, G=5, H=3
A=1, B=7, C=4, D=6, E=8, F=2, G=5, H=3
A=6, B=8, C=2, D=4, E=1, F=7, G=5, H=3
A=6, B=2, C=7, D=1, E=4, F=8, G=5, H=3
A=4, B=7, C=1, D=8, E=5, F=2, G=6, H=3
A=5, B=8, C=4, D=1, E=7, F=2, G=6, H=3
A=4, B=8, C=1, D=5, E=7, F=2, G=6, H=3
A=2, B=7, C=5, D=8, E=1, F=4, G=6, H=3
A=1, B=7, C=5, D=8, E=2, F=4, G=6, H=3
A=2, B=5, C=7, D=4, E=1, F=8, G=6, H=3
A=4, B=2, C=7, D=5, E=1, F=8, G=6, H=3
A=5, B=7, C=1, D=4, E=2, F=8, G=6, H=3
A=6, B=4, C=1, D=5, E=8, F=2, G=7, H=3
A=5, B=1, C=4, D=6, E=8, F=2, G=7, H=3
A=5, B=2, C=6, D=1, E=7, F=4, G=8, H=3
A=6, B=3, C=7, D=2, E=8, F=5, G=1, H=4
A=2, B=7, C=3, D=6, E=8, F=5, G=1, H=4
A=7, B=3, C=1, D=6, E=8, F=5, G=2, H=4
A=5, B=1, C=8, D=6, E=3, F=7, G=2, H=4
A=1, B=5, C=8, D=6, E=3, F=7, G=2, H=4
A=3, B=6, C=8, D=1, E=5, F=7, G=2, H=4
A=6, B=3, C=1, D=7, E=5, F=8, G=2, H=4
A=7, B=5, C=3, D=1, E=6, F=8, G=2, H=4
A=7, B=3, C=8, D=2, E=5, F=1, G=6, H=4
A=5, B=3, C=1, D=7, E=2, F=8, G=6, H=4
A=2, B=5, C=7, D=1, E=3, F=8, G=6, H=4
A=3, B=6, C=2, D=5, E=8, F=1, G=7, H=4
A=6, B=1, C=5, D=2, E=8, F=3, G=7, H=4
A=8, B=3, C=1, D=6, E=2, F=5, G=7, H=4
A=2, B=8, C=6, D=1, E=3, F=5, G=7, H=4
A=5, B=7, C=2, D=6, E=3, F=1, G=8, H=4
A=3, B=6, C=2, D=7, E=5, F=1, G=8, H=4
A=6, B=2, C=7, D=1, E=3, F=5, G=8, H=4
A=3, B=7, C=2, D=8, E=6, F=4, G=1, H=5
A=6, B=3, C=7, D=2, E=4, F=8, G=1, H=5
A=4, B=2, C=7, D=3, E=6, F=8, G=1, H=5
A=7, B=1, C=3, D=8, E=6, F=4, G=2, H=5
A=1, B=6, C=8, D=3, E=7, F=4, G=2, H=5
A=3, B=8, C=4, D=7, E=1, F=6, G=2, H=5
A=6, B=3, C=7, D=4, E=1, F=8, G=2, H=5
A=7, B=4, C=2, D=8, E=6, F=1, G=3, H=5
A=4, B=6, C=8, D=2, E=7, F=1, G=3, H=5
A=2, B=6, C=1, D=7, E=4, F=8, G=3, H=5
A=2, B=4, C=6, D=8, E=3, F=1, G=7, H=5
A=3, B=6, C=8, D=2, E=4, F=1, G=7, H=5
A=6, B=3, C=1, D=8, E=4, F=2, G=7, H=5
A=8, B=4, C=1, D=3, E=6, F=2, G=7, H=5
A=4, B=8, C=1, D=3, E=6, F=2, G=7, H=5
A=2, B=6, C=8, D=3, E=1, F=4, G=7, H=5
A=7, B=2, C=6, D=3, E=1, F=4, G=8, H=5
A=3, B=6, C=2, D=7, E=1, F=4, G=8, H=5
A=4, B=7, C=3, D=8, E=2, F=5, G=1, H=6
A=4, B=8, C=5, D=3, E=1, F=7, G=2, H=6
A=3, B=5, C=8, D=4, E=1, F=7, G=2, H=6
A=4, B=2, C=8, D=5, E=7, F=1, G=3, H=6
A=5, B=7, C=2, D=4, E=8, F=1, G=3, H=6
A=7, B=4, C=2, D=5, E=8, F=1, G=3, H=6
A=8, B=2, C=4, D=1, E=7, F=5, G=3, H=6
A=7, B=2, C=4, D=1, E=8, F=5, G=3, H=6
A=5, B=1, C=8, D=4, E=2, F=7, G=3, H=6
A=4, B=1, C=5, D=8, E=2, F=7, G=3, H=6
A=5, B=2, C=8, D=1, E=4, F=7, G=3, H=6
A=3, B=7, C=2, D=8, E=5, F=1, G=4, H=6
A=3, B=1, C=7, D=5, E=8, F=2, G=4, H=6
A=8, B=2, C=5, D=3, E=1, F=7, G=4, H=6
A=3, B=5, C=2, D=8, E=1, F=7, G=4, H=6
A=3, B=5, C=7, D=1, E=4, F=2, G=8, H=6
A=5, B=2, C=4, D=6, E=8, F=3, G=1, H=7
A=6, B=3, C=5, D=8, E=1, F=4, G=2, H=7
A=5, B=8, C=4, D=1, E=3, F=6, G=2, H=7
A=4, B=2, C=5, D=8, E=6, F=1, G=3, H=7
A=4, B=6, C=1, D=5, E=2, F=8, G=3, H=7
A=6, B=3, C=1, D=8, E=5, F=2, G=4, H=7
A=5, B=3, C=1, D=6, E=8, F=2, G=4, H=7
A=4, B=2, C=8, D=6, E=1, F=3, G=5, H=7
A=6, B=3, C=5, D=7, E=1, F=4, G=2, H=8
A=6, B=4, C=7, D=1, E=3, F=5, G=2, H=8
A=4, B=7, C=5, D=2, E=6, F=1, G=3, H=8
A=5, B=7, C=2, D=6, E=3, F=1, G=4, H=8
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