ASEM51 stepbystep Installation on Windows XP

ASEM-51 step-by-step Installation on Windows XP
Last time I wrote an installation for ASEM-51, a two-pass macro assembler for the Intel MCS-51 family of microcontrollers, using the batch file INSTALL.BAT. For someone who do not like anything that is running automatically, or things are not quite clear, here is an step-by-step installation guide for ASEM-51.

The files we require are ASEM-51 v1.3 for DOS/Windows (599 kB) and a collection of the latest MCU files (188 kB).

1. Create a new directory on your harddisk, e.g. C:ASEM51 and unpack all files of the ASEM-51 package into this directory (see Figure 1.).

unpack ASEM-51

Figure 1.

2. Unpack MCUFILES into a directory (see Figure 2). Move the *.MCU you want to C:ASEM51MCU (see Figure 3). Here I move the P89V51RD2.MCU only.


Figure 2.

move mcufiles

Figure 3.

3. Edit System Variable: Start–>right click on My Computer–>Properties. On System Properties click Advanced Tab then click Environment Variables. On System variables select Path then click Edit and append ;C:ASEM51 in Variable value (see Figure 4).

edit System Variables

Figure 4.

4. Define ASEM51INC environment variable: On System variables (from 3) click New the fill Variable name with ASEM51INC and Variable value with C:ASEM51MCU (see Figure 5).

add new varible

Figure 5.

5. Click OK and close all windows.

6. You can test by typing asem in Command Shell (Start–>Run–>cmd). You should get something like this (see Figure 6).

Test ASEM51

Figure 6.