Graphical system design

Graphical system design

This morning NIWeek really started with the first keynote introduced, as always, by Dr. T. himself (one of the three cofounders of NI). The keynotes are rather impressive events with an audience of several thousands. It is used to introduce the most important new products for the year to come. Demos have been very carefully prepared and are presented by the people who were actually involved in the development of the product, which I think is good.

I was a bit disappointed by today’s keynote. It was less spectacular than last year and I found Dr. T’s introduction not very inspired. The main theme to retain is NI’s objective to use software to solve problems so that the client can profit from Moore’s law. This was illustrated by some demos of very high performance instruments.

The fun part of the presentation was a variation of the game Angry Birds coded in LabVIEW. In Angry Eagles (as it is called) the player launches the bird with a real catapult instead of a virtual one.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, LabVIEW 2011 was announced.

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