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For or Foreach? PHP vs. Javascript, C++, Java, HipHop

Lessons learned: Foreach is 4-5 times faster than For Nested Foreach is 4-5 times faster than nested For Foreach with key lookup is 2 times slower than Foreach without C++ is 5-10 times faster than PHP running For/Foreach on Arrays Javascript is 2-3 times slower than C++/Java running For on …


PHP Best Practices

PHP is the most widely-used language for programming on the web. Here are fourteen best practices that every programmer should know and code according to this guidelines. 1. Turn on Error Reporting for development Error reporting is a very handy function in PHP. By enable it, you might spotted the …

A Brief History of Java

James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton initiated the Java language project in June 1991. Java was originally designed for interactive television, but it was too advanced for the digital cable television industry at the time. The language was initially called Oak after an oak tree that stood outside Gosling’s …