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December 2014


Microservices: Decomposing Applications for Deployability and Scalability

This article describes the increasingly popular Microservice architecture pattern. The big idea behind microservices is to architect large, complex and long-lived applications as a set of cohesive services that evolve over time. The term microservices strongly suggests that the services should be small. Some in the community even advocate building …


Breadth First Search in C++

Breadth First Search in C++ – Algorithm and Source Code Basic Theory Breadth – first searches are performed by exploring all nodes at a given depth before proceeding to the next level. This means that all immediate children of nodes are explored before any of the children’s children are considered. …

SQL Injection Attacks

How to Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

What do Sony Pictures, PBS, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and the CIA have in common? These organizations and their web sites have all been successfully breached using what has become the weapon of choice for hackers: SQL injection. SQL, or the Structured Query Language, is the command-and-control language for relational databases such …