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June 2014


Understanding NULLIF and ISNULL

Introduction One of my friends wants to know about two functions NULLIF and ISNULL. In this article I am trying to discuss about that. Understanding NULLIF First we look at the syntax of the NULLIF The syntax is: NULLIF(Expression, Expression) Return type: Return type is the same type of the …


The Search Path

It may happen that you know there is a program by a particular name on the system, but when you try to start it from the¬†command line, you are told that the file is not found. Because you just ran it yesterday, you assume it has gotten removed or you …


Linux ls command

This command of Linux lists the contents of a directory. By default current directory. -a Shows you all files, even files that are hidden (these files begin with a dot.) -A List all files including the hidden files. However, does not display the working directory (.) or the parent directory …