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May 2014


Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attack

What is Cross-site Scripting? Hackers are constantly experimenting with a wide repertoire of hacking techniques to compromise websites and web applications and make off with a treasure trove of sensitive data including credit card numbers, social security numbers and even medical records. Cross-site Scripting (also known as XSS or CSS) …


JavaScript Cookies

Cookies Cookies were originally invented by Netscape to give ‘memory’ to web servers and browsers. The HTTP protocol, which arranges for the transfer of web pages to your browser and browser requests for pages to servers, is state-less, which means that once the server has sent a page to a browser …


Adding a Directory to the Path

Executive Summary Adding a directory to the path of a user or all users would seem trivial, but in fact it isn’t. The best place to add a directory to the path of a single user is to modify that user’s.bash_profile file. To add it to all users except user root, add …